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Are you ready for an IR35 compliance check by HMRC?

In recent years dealing with IR35 and off-payroll enquiries has become highly specialised work. Robust IR35 compliance now depends on a comprehensive knowledge of the relevant statute, evolving case law and experience of defending HMRC status enquiries all the way to tax tribunal. With our decades of experience, you can be confident you've hired the right team.


We start by gathering key information in line with how HMRC approach their status enquiries.

We will focus on areas of strength and weakness with drill down into material areas, based on arguments HMRC currently use in tax tribunals.


A detailed evaluation process is conducted, based on the facts and current case law.

This helps identify any determinations that may be subject to challenge, how they might be challenged and if reasonable care has been taken.


We will provide you with a detailed report using a risk-based approach, clearly identifying areas of strength and weakness.

Our recommendations will help you strengthen your compliance activity and maximise the chances of early closure of any compliance check.

The specialist team

An IR35 defence duo with proven experience successfully defending enquiries from inception to tax tribunal. The team’s forensic fact-finding methods have been developed from comprehensive technical input, analysis and know-how of the status domain, which can be leveraged to maximise your IR35 compliance process.

Chris Leslie

Chris Leslie

Chris has three decades of experience, including many years at HMRC, where he managed teams of status inspectors, working with Brian Hall (Hall v Lorimer) and Graeme Young (Usetech v Young). A formidable defence adversary specialising in forensic analysis to build defendable positions referencing corroborated fact patterns.

Dave Chaplin

Dave Chaplin

Dave has been engrossed in IR35 technical matters for two decades. His focus is staying on the cutting edge of the case law. He regularly attends tax and employment tribunals to understand emerging arguments and latest interpretation on status matters.

Recent successes

IR35 Case: RALC Consulting v HMRC

The team successfully defended IT Contractor Richard Alcock at First-tier Tribunal, which defeated two barristers representing HMRC Solicitor’s Office. Chris and Dave worked together for 18 months to build the case defence before defending during a four day hearing. They succeeded in countering HMRC’s IR35 Opinion and extended time assessments with the Judge upholding RALC’s appeals.

Ongoing enquiries

Dave and Chris are currently managing a range of IR35 enquiries and also offer consulting for businesses to help ensure their procedures and processes achieve defendable positions in light of the new off-payroll working legislation.

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