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Proven IR35 experts delivering status tools, consultancy and legal services that give certainty to contractors and the businesses that hire them.

IR35 Shield dashboard
IR35 Shield dashboard
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Specialist services by proven IR35 experts

We are a formidable team of proven IR35 and legal experts, providing status software tools alongside bespoke consultancy, contract reviews and specialist legal advice. We believe that business, agencies and contractors should be able to reliably engage, determine their own relationships, and work together in a frictionless manner, against a background of tax certainty.

IR35 status tools

Easy to use, powerful and accurate. Our software allows businesses and contractors to efficiently manage their IR35 assessments.

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Expert consultancy

A bespoke IR35 & off-payroll consultation service built around your business, delivered by proven IR35 experts.

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Legal Services
Legal services

Contract reviews, template contracts and legal consultancy services offered by our team of IR35 legal experts.

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IR35 status tools

IR35 Shield is powered by our expert assessment technology. Built in 2009 and refined alongside ever-changing UK IR35 case law, you can trust our tools to accurately determine if IR35 rules apply. Our latest innovation monitors status throughout an engagement, which reduces tax risk by automatically alerting you if a contractor falls Inside IR35.

IR35 Shield reporting displayed on a monitor

What is IR35 Shield and why do I need it?

IR35 Shield provides software and services that allow Outside IR35 contracting engagements to be recognised and rewarded as such, for both businesses and the workers they engage. View the short video below for more information about us and our products.

IR35 Shield - Explainer Video

Expert consultancy

With our success in tax tribunals against accomplished HMRC Counsel, you can be confident you've hired the right team. Our expert-led consultancy services can help your business defend an HMRC tax investigation or ensure your existing processes are robust with an IR35 Stress Test.

Monitoring - Early Detection

Insurable determinations

IR35 Shield has partnered with specialist tax underwriters to give our customers comfort where further cover is desired.

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What people say about us

Markel Tax has been providing advice and guidance on IR35 and underwriting IR35 based insurance policies for 20 years, and we are delighted to be working with IR35 Shield to help firms manage the risks associated with the new off-payroll reforms.

Paul Mason

Head of Tax Partnerships

Our clients look to us to provide straightforward access to key skills and flexible labour. IR35 Shield helps us achieve this by minimising the pain of off-payroll compliance for our clients, while effectively mitigating the risk for all parties in the supply chain.

Kelly Futcher

Head of finance

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IR35 Shield's knowledge in the IR35 space is exceptional. Our firm, Professional Passport, delivers compliance across the recruitment sector and we are strongly recommending both agencies and clients use IR35 Shield as a way to manage their ongoing IR35 compliance process.

Crawford Temple

Chief Executive Officer

IR35 Shield is both efficient and user-friendly, and it demonstrates reasonable care, providing us and our clients with the necessary assurance. Companies with turnover exceeding £100m that are engaging dozens of contractors are naturally risk-averse, so providing this assurance is crucial.

Pete Walker

Managing Director

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IR35 Shield has enabled us to carry out accurate status assessments in bulk, evaluate contract terms and working practices, and satisfy clients and contractors through collaborative assessments. These, along with the additional insights and features provided, have proven invaluable for our service offering.

Steven Fraser

Partner, global payroll & employment taxes

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Having adopted IR35 Shield as our compliance solution, it’s essentially been business as usual for us. We just open the tool, complete assessments as and when we need to and put the compliance observations into practice. The administration involved is minor. It’s almost as if the off-payroll reform never happened.

David Nottage

Talent Attraction & Acquisition Manager

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We have worked collaboratively with the creators of IR35 Shield on IR35 tax cases, winning an appeal at the tribunal with their assistance in 2019. Their knowledge and expertise in this area is exemplary and is clearly reflected in the detailed and comprehensive manner in which they conduct status assessments.

Chris Leslie

Tax Advisory (HMRC Dispute & Resolution)

IR35 Shield has enabled us to offer an added value service that we otherwise would not have been able to provide to our clients. By underpinning our compliance offering, it has strengthened our reputation, while its own reputation has helped us get our clients on board with minimal fuss.

Katherine Miller

Head of legal and audit

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IR35 Shield has been invaluable for us from day one. It is an inclusive and brilliantly robust solution that is accessible, easy-to-use and well-supported, helping us better manage IR35 status assessments.

Amelia Gregson

Talent Acquisition Specialist

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over 140,000 assessments

Using our assessment technology

over 20 years

Over 20 years’ experience at the cutting-edge of IR35

since 2009

Built in 2009 and expertly refined to align with current IR35 case law

Choose a plan that's right for you

Whether you're an agency, corporate or contractor, we have the complete IR35 solution for you.

IR35 Shield for Contractors

Unlimited IR35 assessments combined with insurance

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IR35 Shield for Business

Manage off-payroll compliance for your contingent workforce